Giana, a brand of Atomat Group.

Since the end of the 90s, Atomat has found in Giana SpA, the perfect partner to complete its range of machines. Giana SpA was founded in 1958 by the Giana brothers. It has been one of the most prestigious Italian brands representing Italian excellence in the production of lathes and contributing to the success and the great reputation that Italian machine tools have earned worldwide.

After 20 years of close and profitable collaboration in 2018 Atomat has acquired the prestigious Giana brand.

Thanks to this takeover Atomat SpA is now able to offer heavy-duty lathes and cover a wide array of applications: rolling steel production, Oil & Energy, precision mechanical and hydraulic component production, paper processing industry, aerospace industry and marine components industry.

GIANA four-guide ways lathes include a huge range of products: from the smallest model able to machine rolls up to 8 tons and 800mm roll diameter till the biggest machine for 60 tons rolls and 2300mm roll diameter.

GIANA heavy-duty lathes have been developed for high precision heavy-duty operations thanks to the monolithic bed obtained by casting made in Italy. Made in Italy is also the whole manufacturing process carried out using high precision and high-quality equipment, including the components purchased by reliable Italian partners.

The technical and application engineering departments work jointly to develop multiprocessing machine solutions with turning, milling, grinding, deep hole boring, notching, marking functions integrated that best satisfies the objectives of quality and profitability required specifically by our customers.

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