About us

Atomat Services is part of the ATOMAT group, the world’s leading manufacturer of steel rolling rollers and roller workshop machines since 1968.

Founded on July 2, 2003 in the city of Piracicaba/SP, with the purpose of offering better logistics for the sale of products and provision of services for the machining of carbide rings, rolling cylinders and rollers for seamed tube forming machines.

We highlight the re-machining, grinding, ribbing and logo services for Tungsten Carbide rolls and channel opening in cast iron cylinders, jacketed cylinders and steel rolls for tube formers.

Atomat Services’ trajectory is based on a set of pillars that characterize its management. A solid investment policy, permanent in industrial, technological and commercial developments, with dynamic management. Furthermore, the vertical integration of its strategic inputs, the expansion of its important brand equity, as well as the development of socially responsible management, and above all, Atomat Services encourages the progress of its people, its most valuable capital.


Atomat Services Industrial is a company focused on the areas of steel rolling and other metals, seeking to generate dividends to partners, customer satisfaction and the achievement of its employees, with sustainable development.


Provide products and services for the area of ​​Steel Rolling and other metals, with constant technological development applicable in the company's area of ​​activity with ethics and social responsibility, always aiming to be the market leader.


  • Ethics in everything you do;
  • Honesty with its customers, employees and suppliers;
  • Respect for the environment and people;
  • Innovate in its services and products;
  • Total commitment to the growth of people and the company.